Areas of Practice
(State and Federal Levels)

Dissolution of the Marriage


A. Grounds
1. Adultery
2. Separate and Apart for Six (6) Months
3. Convicted of a Felony & Sentenced to Hard Labor.
B. Ancillary Matters
1. Relating to the Child

a. Child Support/Child Custody & Child Visitation
b. Child Care Cost (La. CC. 9:315.3)
c. Health Insurance Cost (La. CC. 9:315.4)
d. Extraordinary Medical Expenses (La. CC. 9:315.5)
e. Other Extraordinary Expenses (La. CC. 9:315.6)

1. Expense of Tuition
2. Registration
3. Books
4. Supply Fees
5. Expenses for Transportation of the Child from one Party to Another
f. Income Tax Credit (La. CC. 9:315.18)
2. Interim Spousal Support
3. Temporary Restraining Orders as to:
a. Physical Abuse & Harassment
b. Disposing of Community Property
4. Temporary Use of the Vehicles
5. Exclusive & Temporary Use of Matrimonial Domicile
A. Retirement Accounts
B. The Matrimonial Domicile
C. Community Debts


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