DWI Information for Louisiana
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I. DWI Statutes
  1. DWI Laws
II. Other DWI Information (Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles)
  1. Five Myths About Defending Accused Drunk Drivers
  2. The Myth of Breath Testing
  3. H.G.N. ( Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus )
III. Commonly Asked Questions
  1. FAQ's
IV. The Field Sobriety Test
  1. Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  2. HGN Testing
  3. Divided Attention Testing
  4. Parts of...
    1. The One-Leg Stand Test
    2. The Walk-and-Turn Test
    3. The Finger-to-Nose Test

  5. The Officer will make general observations relative to:
    1. Speech
      • Incoherent, Stuttering, Slurred, Fair, Etc...

    2. Effects of Alcohol
      • Extreme, Obvious, Slight, Etc.
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